High-capacity 180º turner for Jensen Precast

High-capacity 180º turner for Jensen Precast

Moldtech manufactures the first turner with 100,000 lbs capacity for Jensen Precast.

  • High-capacity 180º turner for Jensen Precast
  • High-capacity 180º turner for Jensen Precast

Since many years Moldtech has been manufacturing devices for turning large precast elements 180º. Up to now Moldtech’ offering in this product category had been limited to devices which could turn elements with a maximum weight of 22,046 lbs or 55,116 lbs. On request of the company Jensen Precast in the USA, Moldtech has now manufactured a turner with a capacity of 100,000 lbs. which has passed the trials successfully last June.

Presently the machine is in California where it will be installed in the near future. In accordance to the specific specifications of the client, the turner has been manufactured complying with IP-65 which allows the machine to be placed outdoors as it features special protection against water and dust.

Jensen Precast is a leading company in the production of precast elements for public works and already purchased equipment from Moldtech in the past. With this new turner, the company will be able to turn safely and swiftly precast elements with a minimum size of 10’x12’x5’-5” to a maximum size of 12’x22’x5’-5”. The turning movement takes place in 2 phases using 2 turning frames of 90º, each with its four corresponding cylinders.  A third hydraulic double effect hydraulic system assures a perfect fitted transfer of the precast element from the first turning frame to the next.

This supply confirms the firm commitment of Moldtech for the USA market where it is represented through the company Nox-Crete, a leading manufacturer of form release with head office in Omaha.





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