Equipment supply for a new precast plant in Colombia

Equipment´s supply for a new precast plant in Colombia

Moldtech supplies equipment for a new precast concrete plant in Bogotá, Colombia 

  • Equipment supply for a new precast plant in Colombia
  • Equipment supply for a new precast plant in Colombia

After two years of an intense exchange of ideas and negotiations, Moldtech was selected by an important Colombian company specialized in the promotion of industrial buildings, for the design, manufacture and commissioning of the equipment for precast elements in universal bed and roof solutions.

The project includes a universal bed with a prestressing capacity of up to 600 tons, and the complementary moulds for the bed, allowing to produce "T beams" and "L Beams" for the support of slabs.

On the other hand, and to solve the design and assembly of roofs, the project includes a self-supporting mould of "TT panel" of 2500 mm width, with a maximum height of 50 cm beams, which allows to cover large spans between supports. This mould has a prestressing capacity of up to 150 tons. The design of the roofs is complemented by a self-supporting "H drainage beam" section used to collect water from the roof.

Complementary and auxiliary equipment is also supplied by Moldtech, and in this case they include hydraulic prestressing and relaxation systems for cables and strands, concrete transport and pouring hoppers, etc.

The experience and technical control of Moldtech in precast engineering have been the key to this project, in which our team of engineers has worked hand in hand with the client to define the construction system and adapt it to the specific needs of the promotion of industrial buildings used in Colombia.

In an environment in which the prefabrication is starting, Moldtech’ s experience, technology transfer and support have allowed the client to find the "know-how" to become a leading pioneer in the promotion of precast industrial buildings.





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