Mould for precast culvert wing-walls

Mould for precast culvert wing-walls

For the molding of precast culvert wing-walls for hydraulic pipelines.


This is a mould that allows the molding of precast culvert wing-walls for hydraulic pipelines.

This type of precast culvert wing-walls are used at the beginning and at the end of varied hydraulic works for canalizing the water at the entrance of the pipelines, lowering turbulences and containing the land. Moldtech can design and build the mould in accordance to the customer requirements, both in shape and in dimensions of the precast culvert wing-walls.

The mould is built on a chassis and a fixed part, with several hinged mould sides that allow opening and closing the mould. One of these hinged panels has a notch-box or imprint which casts the necessary opening for the pipeline. This imprint includes, if necessary, the tongue-and-groove joint for the insertion of the first segment of this pipeline.

As additional system to ensure the compactness of the concrete, the mould may incorporate a pneumatic or electrical vibration system.

Usually these culvert wing-walls are casted in inverted position, but depending on their size, they are easily turned with the same crane used for its handling and storage.

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