Mould sides and upper-mould for H girder

Mould sides and upper-mould for H girder

For the manufacturing of H girders.

Industrial Infraestructuras

The mould sides and the upper mould for H girder are casting elements designed to manufacture this kind of girder on a casting bed, in such way that their shape defines the section of the casted girder.

The pre-stressed H girders are mainly used with the double function of column bracing and valley or channel element for roof.

Equally, these mould sides can be equipped with dorsal notch-boxes in order to cast side corbels to support roof slabs. Also, it is possible to suppress the upper channel in order to use the precast beam in a mezzanine floor or to suppress the lower channel in order to increase the number of strands and the pre-stressing of the beam.

All that convert these mould sides for casting bed conceived by Moldtech into one of the most versatile and polyvalent systems on the market.

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