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180º turning machines for 3D housing modules, PPVC

New project for the Asian market.

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Moldtech has recently finished the manufacturing and commissioning of four hydraulic turning machines for 3D housing modules for a leading construction group in Singapore.

These machines, to turn the finished elements 180º from its ideal casting position upside-down, have been designed to meet the minimum and maximum dimensions of the 3D concrete modules the client is producing. One steel support structure is turning the element the first 90º while the second is hydraulically moved to adjust to different modules size and turn it again 90º to its final installation position 180º, thus installing a 3D PPVC element with the floor slab all walls casted as a monolithic element.

The equipment has been designed and tested to turn elements up to 40Tn weight. The machines feature the highest safety systems and all steel support in contact with the concrete have wooden covers not to harm the product, allowing turning safely and efficiently very heavy and voluminous concrete modules.

The machines are equipped with all visual and acoustic safety systems and all movements are controlled by a hydraulic pump unit with a control board with all necessary limit switches.

Moldtech continues its expansion in Asian markets, with increasing projects for leading construction firms.




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