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Special column mould for Romania

Moldtech supplies a new mould in Bucharest (Romania).

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Last week, a mould of 36-meter for columns was delivered to Romania, with a double production lines, and with production capacities ranging from 600 x 600 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm. The versatility of this mould, capable of producing large columns with corbels in the 4 sides and lengths of more than 25 meters. This mould is unique in the country and will allow our client to enter fully into the market of large industrial works that are being developing in the Bucharest area.

This mould has a hydraulic opening and closing system, in addition to mechanical seals that ensure its tightness. The vibration system consists of 25 VP6000 pneumatic vibrators and will be installed with floating plates on the floor.

This equipment is the first of a contract that includes in addition to the aforementioned mould, a universal bed for prestressed elements of 100 meters length, moulds of “I beams” for the roofs, tensioning heads of 1000 tons, various moulds for T and L beams, 2 tilting tables of 12 x 4 meters, a mould of TT slab of 70 meters hydraulically operated and using self-supporting anchorages; a versatile system of battery moulds for boundary walls, and a mobile “Giraffe” system for the concrete transport.

At the top of highly technological equipment, Moldtech reinforce its commitment in booming precast concrete markets.



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