Moulds for box culverts in Lerida, Spain

Manual mould for the production of precast sections using sleeping wet concrete

Moldtech has recently completed the design, manufacture and installation of a manual mould for the production of precast box culverts and half box culverts in Lerida, Spain.

It is a modulated flexible system of steel formwork that allows the production of countless precast sections using sleeping wet concrete, measuring from 1x1 m to 6x6 m, and is specially designed to mould tongue and groove joints between them.

Assembly and opening of the mould are done manually, joining the quantity of necessary elements (formwork panels) according to the dimensions of the frame to be produced. This same system of union is used to add additional supplements to the external formwork, which allows to adjust the thickness of the precast concrete walls.

The bases use a system of union with screw and nut, and in the case of the internal and external formwork panels, pin-wedge joints are used. During the demoulding process, it is possible to extract the pin-wedge joints (inner mould and outer mould) in four parts each, thus simplifying the production process for series of pieces that have the same dimensions.

Moldtech has completed this project with the maximum satisfaction of the client, providing not only our technology, but our knowledge and training services for the correct use of this equipment, which allows great versatility and productivity.





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