Moldtech becomes an established partner of Grupo Santos

We have been entrusted with the expansion of the Tegucigalpa plant by the industrial consortium from Honduras.

Grupo Santos, the leading construction company in Honduras, has recently undertaken an expansion of their productive capacity in one of their national facilities—the one in the capital,Tegucigalpa—by incorporating a flexible self-supporting system for bridge girders to their productive technology.

Driven by the current volume of work in civil engineering, the management at Grupo Santos decided to maintain their commitment to Moldtech’s technology and services.

This self-supporting system will be used by the Honduran company in several of their productive facilities with the aim to improve efficiency and reduce logistic costs.

Following an initial analysis and consulting period, Moldtech’s team worked on the design, manufacturing and implementation of the self-supporting metallic bench, which has a capacity of 800 TN and a length of 70 m (approx. 230 ft), as well as on a 25-meter (82 ft) mold for modular spreader beam manufacturing.





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