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Moldtech adds a new equipment to his wide range

Moldtech incorporates the “Giraffe” equipment for transport and pouring of concrete to its product catalogue.

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It is common to find precast plants where the concrete mixer is far away or where it is shared with other uses, such as ready mix concrete, and even that the plant has been installed to supply concrete to another production plant of precast elements, making it impossible to transport the concrete quickly and at low cost to where it is required internally.

The “Giraffe” is a self-propelled equipment for the transport and pouring of concrete, which solves the problem of logistics in precast plants and provides an alternative to the use of the gantry crane for the transport of concrete.

Having a system for transporting and pouring concrete into a single machine reduces the investment in equipment, the manpower cost, and provides great flexibility and adaptability in the precast plant.

On the other hand, the working time in the internal logistics is reduced, and in this way, we can set aside 100% the use of the gantry crane to the industrial process of the precast elements, optimizing working times of preparing moulds (placement of formworks, reinforcements, laterals of moulds, etc.), demoulding and transport to the stocking area.

The “Giraffe” has a transport capacity of 3 m3 in its hopper. The transport speed is up to 20 km / h and the engine power is 70kW.

The cooling system of the hydraulic system is by radiator and the machine has a parking brake system.

The length of the unloading arm is 4 meters and has an end-less conveyor system to drive the concrete to the nozzle, which has a guillotine type closure. The angle of work of the unloading arm goes from the horizontal plane to 17º of elevation, which allows to adapt the height to moulds and equipment where concrete is required.

The “Giraffe”, that meets the most stringent safety CE standards, is already working in precast plants with Moldtech technology, in Algeria, Colombia and Romania.

In Moldtech we work to optimize and make easier the industrial precast process, developing the best technology at your service.

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