Modular moulds for wet-cast box culverts in UK

Moulds with a self-collapsing inner mould and a modular base/pallet with height regulation system.

Moldtech has recently designed and installed special moulds systems for wet-cast box culverts in United Kingdom. The dimensions of the moulds will allow producing precast concrete box culverts of inner dimensions from 1×1,5m up to 1,8×3,6 meters and with up to 2 m height/depth.

According to client´s requirements, these special moulds have been designed with a self-collapsing inner mould that allows demoulding when lifting the pod from the corners with the crane. The outer panels are assembled in perpendicular position allowing outer walls without joint marks.

The moulds feature as well a modular base/pallet with height regulation system allowing adapting the culverts height/depth to different projects and optimizing the weight of the culverts for their transport.

These molds have been supplied with 2 sets of bases/pallets to produce up to 2 pieces per day and allow a large variety of intermediate manufacturing sizes, thanks to a modular inner mold. The system achieves great versatility to supply many types of projects with varying dimensions.





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