Modular mould for wet cast box culverts in Poland

For the production of precast box culverts and half-culverts

Moldtech has recently supplied a modular mould system for wetcast box culverts for a client in Poland.

The mould has a height of 1 meter and allows producing precast box culverts and half-culverts with dimensions between 1.5x2 m and 3x2 m.

The mould is manually operated and allows simple and fast assembly, adjustment and operation.

The system allows manufacturing box culverts with different thicknesses for all sections. These moulds are always supplied with 2 sets of modular bases to allow producing up to 2 pieces per day.

This client already has several moulds of the same type supplied by Moldtech and this mould has been manufactured according to his specific requirements.

These systems are widely configurable and allow future extensions, which allows many possible configurations and multiple manufacturing sizes, by combining different elements of all moulds, this makes it easy for the client adapting its production to the market changing demands.







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