Automatic production plant in Argentina

Whole plan for acquiring new precast equipment for a client in Argentina.

After a joint research and development process, Moldtech has defined with a client in Argentina a plan for acquiring new equipment which will allow accelerating production times, reducing by 70% manufacturing costs of floor slabs and double tee roof slabs.

Moldtech has supplied a semi-automatic machine for concrete spreading, with 3.5 cubic meters capacity and a cleaning machine. Both of them allow the automation of the concrete pouring and the moulds cleaning processes in the production chain.

The concrete spreading machine has a railway system for displacement and a screw conveyors system to control concrete pouring speed and pouring width, it also features an automated vibrating screed system. These systems are specially recommended for a correct distribution of concrete when casting flat elements, and are mainly used in residential and industrial projects, for the production of wall panels with doors and windows.

The scope of supply for this project also includes a tilting table of 42 x 3 meters for the production of wall panels for industrial buildings.

Contributing to the development and improvement of our customers' productivity is one of Moldtech priorities. Being a long-term partner is the main value of our business model.




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