Casting beg type multi-baseplate of 120 m.
Pair of tensioning heads of 600 t.
Mould sides for I beam.
Mould sides for delta beam.
Tilting table of 50 m.
Manual double mould of 12 m for columns.

Moldtech has recently built a special mould for L-wall corner elements for a client in Sweden, where this type of retaining walls are widely used.

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  • Years 2017

3 modular moulds of height 2 m for box culverts from 1,5 x 1 m, expandable to larger dimensions.
Mould of 12 m in length for drainage channel segments of 1 x 1 m.
Table of length 12 m for channel covers.

160 m of casting bed for bridge girders.
Mould sides of 1,5 m:
- 21 m for rectangular girders.
- 16 m for T girders.
200 m of moulds for drainage channel segments of 0,8 x 0,8 m and 1 x 1 m.
35,4 m of tables for channel covers.
7 modular moulds for box culverts from 1 x 1 m. up to 7 x 6 m.
2 concrete skips of 2 m³.
Equipment destinations: Togo, Benin and Guinea Conakry.

4 tilting moulds of length 53,2 m for the production of L-shaped wall segments for land retaining.
Wall dimensions of 3 m in height and 2,2 m in bases.
Tilting and opening of the mould are made by means of hydraulic system with electrical control panel.
Moulds equipped with working platform, heating, external vibration and hydraulic expulsion of the pieces.

Modular mould of height 1 m for box culverts from 1,5 x 2 m up to 3 x 2 m.

Modular mould with hydraulic opening system for the production of half-frames of height 3 m, depth 3,1 m and variable spans from 3 up to 8 m.
Mould with manual opening with heating by hot air for the production of half-frames of height 3 m, depth 4 m and span 5 m

Pair of tensioning heads of 600 t.
Casting beg of length 120 m for prestressed elements.
Mould sides for delta beams of 20, 25 and 30 m.
Mould sides for I beam of heights 0,7, 0,9 and 1,1 m and length with variations each 2,5 m up to 20 m.
Tilting table of 50 x 2,5 m.

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3D mould for prison cell

Modular units designed for an efficient manufacturing

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  • Years 2016

For the production of precast box culverts and half-culverts

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