Designed according to the maximum amount of tension required to be resisted.

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Spanish Pavilion – Booth 116 – Archibat 2017

Equipment supplied: 6 universal beds of 120 m (394 ft) for the production of pre-stressed elements (up to 800 TN / 1763.7 KIPS), 4 tilting tables of 50x2.5 m (164x8.2 ft), 2 tables of 16x3 m (52.5x9.8 ft) simple and double column moulds of 45 m (150 ft) and 25 m (82 ft), self-supporting mould for H beam of 25 m (82 ft).
Factory lay out design.
Optimization of production process.

Factory capacity: yearly output of 3,000 housing units of 60 sqm (645 sqft) average size.
Equipment supplied: 21 tilting tables for wall panels of 15.5x3 m (50.9x9.8 ft), 3 fixed tables 60x2.25 m (197x7.4 ft) for floor slabs, staircase moulds, equipment for lifting, transportation and storage of finished panels, compressed air circuit, lifting equipment.
Factory lay out design, productivity and feasibility calculations.
Commissioning, test production and training of local staff.

4 double book moulds for casting panels up to 28 cm (11 inches) consisting of natural stone, concrete layer, insulation material and concrete layer with smooth finish.
3 tilting tables 12x4.5 m (39.4x14.8 ft), with special formwork for protruding bars.
1 fixed table for floor slabs.
Tailor-made manufactured frequency converter for total control of electric vibration.
Lay-out design and commissioning.

Equipment for the production of precast concrete panels, for industrial and residential building projects.

Production capacity: 30,000 apartments in 2 years. Design of Factory lay-out. Custom made design of moulds and accessories (notch boxes and corbels).
Planning of logistics process: design, production, transport, commissioning in 5 months. On site production plant.

16 tilting tables of 12.5x3.8 m (41x12.5 ft)
Automatic concrete distribution system.
Layout design.
Optimization of production process.

Equipment for precast elements for road construction.
160 m (525 ft) of universal casting beds forrectangular and T beams for bridges.
200 m (656 ft) of drain cannel moulds of 0.8x0.8 and 1x1 m (31x31 and 39x39 inches).
35.4 m (116 ft) of tables for drain cannel covers.
7 adjustable wet cast moulds for box culverts of 1x1 m (39x39 inches) up to 7x6 m (23x19.6 ft).
2 pouring buckets.

Universal casting beds and mould sides for the production of “ASSHTO type I beams with stressing heads of 600 TN (1322 KIPS).
Double column moulds. Moulds of main beams of 16 m (5.2 ft). Self-stressing double T mould of 36 m (118 ft) and width 2.4 m (7.9 ft).
Analysis of the production process and design of factory lay-out.

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