Equipment for precast elements for road construction.
160 m (525 ft) of universal casting beds forrectangular and T beams for bridges.
200 m (656 ft) of drain cannel moulds of 0.8x0.8 and 1x1 m (31x31 and 39x39 inches).
35.4 m (116 ft) of tables for drain cannel covers.
7 adjustable wet cast moulds for box culverts of 1x1 m (39x39 inches) up to 7x6 m (23x19.6 ft).
2 pouring buckets.

Universal casting beds and mould sides for the production of “ASSHTO type I beams with stressing heads of 600 TN (1322 KIPS).
Double column moulds. Moulds of main beams of 16 m (5.2 ft). Self-stressing double T mould of 36 m (118 ft) and width 2.4 m (7.9 ft).
Analysis of the production process and design of factory lay-out.

Wet-Cast system: sizes from 1.50x2 m (4.9x6.5 ft) up to 4.50x4.50 m (14.7x14.7 ft).
MT20 Dry-Cast system: sizes from 1.50x2.00 m (4.9 ft x 6.5 ft) up to 3x2 m (9.8ft x 6.5 ft).
90º turning device for box culverts and pipes.
Pouring bucket of 2.50 m³ (88 ft³).

2 sides of 66 m (216.5 ft) length with adjustable height from 385 mm to 900 mm (15 inches to 35 inches).
Moulding frame of 66 m (216 ft) length.
Supporting bridges for moulding frame.
Stressing heads.

2 tilting tables of 10x2.85 m (32.8x9.35 ft) with air vibration, shuttering system of fixed and collapsible sides.
Balance beam of 7 m (23 ft) length and 10 TN (22 KIPS).
H-shaped lifting chassis for 4 TN (8.8 KIPS) .
4 panel racks.

Wet cast system: sizes from 2.5x2.5 m to 6x5.5 m (8.2x8.2 ft to 19.6x18 ft). H= 2 m (6.5 ft).
MT20 system for dry cast box culvert production: from 1.5x1.5 m to 3x3 m (4.9x4.9 ft to 9.8x9.8 ft). H= 2 m (6.5 ft). Adjustable wall thickness.
2 pouring buckets with endless screws.

Auto-resistant mould with integrated tensioning heads for pre-stressed TT slab.
Length 45 m and width 2,4 m.
Included heating system by hot water.

6 fixed tables of 23.6x3.2 m (77.4 ft x 10.5 ft). 6 fixed tables of 35.4x3.2 m (116 ft x 10.5 ft).
Finned heating pipes with tarpaulin cover.

Custom-made moulds for prison cells up to 11.6 x 6 m (38 ft x 20 ft).4 cells.

Weight of casted element up to 60 MT (132,000 lbs).

2 moulds for I beams 60/81//101 cm (24/32/40 inches) and 25 m (32.8 ft) length.
Mould for TI/TL beams (h) 119 cm (47 inches), 25 m (82 ft) length.
Double column mould 40/51x40/51/61 cm (16/20x16/20/24 inches), 35.4 m (115 ft) length.
Self-supporting mould for TT slabs 60 m (196 ft) length.
2 tilting tables of 35.4x3.5 m (117x11.4ft) and 47.2 x2.5 m (156x8.2 ft).
Fixed battery mould 11 m (36 ft) for 8 beams T-35.

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